I love fashion jewellery, especially the bracelet, but I found it to be really uncomfortable when I'm working, especially when typing, I always had to remove it from my wrist and then forget to put it back on afterwards. I longed for some bracelet design that I can wear all day without having to take it off for certain tasks but it's not easy to find it on the market. So I started to create my own design using braided rope to make the bracelet, I found that my families and friends like it . I've tried to made many different styles and use different materials that are good and comfortable to wear. I would like to sell some of my products here, and all of them are only one per design, no duplicates. If you like my design, I can make it as per your specification. Will send pictures of the end product and get your approval before taking payment. Let me know what kind of design and material you want and I will try my best to meet your requirement.

Blue Floral Bracelet


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