A love story.... the estate agent, the upholsterer and the cottage

Dan and I met early this year through our shared passion for interior design and property. We very quickly realised that we wanted to spend our days and lives together and this is when we purchased Boucle Cottage. We loved the look of the house and the fact that the render looked like Boucle fabric from a distance. This of course, was the inspiration for our new business adventure. Dan has 30 years experience in upholstery, working in several big companies and a smaller more taylored upholstery business where he has been commissioned to make furniture for the likes of Jeremy Clarkson. Dan has gained a very good “attention to detail” style and his handmade upholstery is beautiful and amazes me everyday. We have built a little workshop at the top of the garden for Dan to create his magic. As for myself, I have 30 years experience in the property industry, now a self employed estate agent, I also furnish and manage Airbnb property in the Gloucestershire area. So I guess you could say I’m the business and customer service side of Boucle Cottage, where Dan has the magic hands for the products but we both love coming up with new designs together and joining forces on this venture of life and business means we have 60 years of experience between us. Our aim is to spend our days together in Boucle Cottage and make our customers happy with our designs and tailored, bespoke designs for our customers needs. We one day hope to marry and become Mr and Mrs Boucle Cottage. Between us we have 3 children and a little dog called Rufus who also looks like he's made from Boucle fabric.

Upholstered bench, hallway or end of bed bench in William Morris tapestry style fabric with Victorian style legs